11-12 July 2015, London (England)

After a great event with many painting spots spread among an entire hood and a great rooftop-party, End Of The Line brings back MOS to London and the UK for the 9th time. Three days of painting and hip hop are in the process of preparation.


London’s premiere Graffiti / street art Festival returns for its sixth year in London. With brand new walls and a whole host of new artists expect more fire and brimstone, devil scratches and aerosol dust. Expect live painting from the best and brightest artists, workshops for all, live music, performances and a few unexpected surprises.

The city has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and its popularity has increased over the years due to economic growth in the past. Since the financial crisis its considered as a home base of corrupt elites and major source of manipulation. London’s diverse population draws from a wide range of peoples, cultures, and religions, and over 300 languages are spoken within the city.

As of 2006, it has an official population of 7,512,400 within the boundaries of Greater London and is the most populous municipality in the European Union. As of 2001, the Greater London Urban Area has a population of 8,278,251 and the metropolitan area is estimated to have a total population of between 12 and 14 million.

The event was organised through the hard work of London’s very own Jim Vision and his crew and set up around the recently established Nomadic Community Gardens, a location that over the last couple of months has offered itself up and propelled itself to the position of one of the must see locations to witness Street Art in London, Additionally there were extra works placed up in the adjacent park & streets of Allen Gardens, Pedley Street, Grimsby Street & Scalter Street, keeping all the works very centralised. Read full article at Londoncalling. 

Pics by Tamara Elhaj & Ian James


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  2. stefano suglich

    Hi there my name’s Stefano and together  with my twin brother we are YSK CREW, originally from italy and half brazilians.
    WE are currently living in the midlands. After spendind 2012 living in manchester, were painted with some of the finest. Since moving to the midlands we paint regularly in Leicester, were managed to know and paint with some people. In here we participated to some local jams organized by the local shop, also we’ve been invited to CITY OF COLOURS in Birmingham. 2014 was the year were we started to evolve, had an amazing trip in Brazil on summer 14, which was an amazing experience as well meeting local artists and painting in what’s considered as one of the most ancients hall of fame of Rio de Janeiro.
    2015 Also looking a good year, started to travel more in between the midlands, painted in a jam in KENILWORTH “STREET ART FUSION” recently, KETTERING beginning of this month, and we’ll be attending TAMWORTH JAM this end”s of month.. Will describe our styl’es as something original not seen before..with a big influence from colors pantone, anime=manga-illustration.
    To check our style and walls, check YSKFLAVOUR OR STEFANO SUGLICH on facebook and INSTAGRAM @young__soldiers
    Thanks fro your attention hopefully we could be selected for this year m.o.s, always loved to be participatin in one never had the chance yet, we believe we have a style that can impress other people.

  3. wayne

    Hey guys, are you accepting spot requests for M.O.S.UK 2015 here…Am I too early or late.
    If I can still apply then please accept this as my wish to join in…Please let me know…

    1. rudiart

      Hi, I’m rudiart graffiti writer since 1991 and participated in numerous exhibitions around the world I would like to participate in london we never see mine and participated alli.podeis facebook rudiart work, which is what most actualizo.por please if there is still opportunity to participate I would like to hope rudiart .a greeting t answer. rudiniart@hotmail.com

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