San José (Costa Rica), Postponed to spring 2019

After 3 years the International MOS will arrive for the second time in Central America, this time based in San José, Costa Rica under the organization of El HIDRANTE, local Graffiti Shop and with the support of 360 Spray Paint of Mexico.


Costa Rica; a country of 5 million inhabitants located in the center of the American continent, limits the north with Nicaragua, the east with the Caribbean Sea, the southeast with Panama and the west with the Pacific Ocean. Its official language is Spanish but part of the population of the capital speaks English.

It is one of the strongest democracies on the planet and won worldwide recognition for abolishing the army on December 1, 1948.


It is a country with a great natural wealth, offers conditions of sun, beach, jungle, mountain, adventure, ecotourism and rural community tourism.

The Graffiti scene began at the end of the 90’s, currently it is growing with different generations of painter’s activating the city. Local-regional Graffiti events have been held before, such as the Searching for Root, House & Street, the Aliados festival that was founded in Mexico and this year for the first time an International MOS.

The Hidrante crew is finishing coordinating details with different organizations to realise an experience with several artists from Central America and the world as part of a great street culture festival to be held in the South of San José, the capital city of Costa Rica.

Stay tuned to the Meeeting of Styles Costa Rica networks for more info on the local and international call.

Keep painting !!!


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