25-27 April 2014, Milano (Italy)

After a little absence MOS finally returns to the country of Dolce Vita, Bella Italia. The place to be after Venice, is the european capitol of fashion – Milan.

Milan is the second-largest city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy with a population of about 1.3 million. While its urban area is the 5th largest in the EU after Paris, London, Düsseldorf and Madrid, 7th in Europe (including Moscow and Istanbul) it is the largest in Italy with an estimated population of about 5,248,000.


The massive suburban sprawl that followed the post-war boom of the 1950s–60s and the growth of a vast commuter belt, suggest that socioeconomic linkages have expanded well beyond the boundaries of its administrative limits and its agglomeration, creating a metropolitan region of 7 to 9 million people.

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According to Eurostat the Milan metropolitan region contains a population of 8,071,271 people in 2011.

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LOCATION | Luogo | Cesano Boscone (MILANO)
WALL ONE – Via Amerigo Vespucci – Centro Sportivo “Cereda”
WALL TWO – Piazza Moneta/via Monegherio
WALL THREE – Via don Luigi Sturzo
WALL FOUR – Via Tigli (incrocio via Cellini)
WALL FIVE – Via Turati (altezza via F.lli Rosselli)
MIL14subwaymapHOW TO GET TO MOS | Come arrivare
(via Amerigo Vespucci – Campo CEREDA)
https://www.facebook.com/notes/meeting-of-styles-italy-2014/come-raggiungerci-how-to-get-to-mos-italy/218569811671193 Download and print the map: mositaly_map 2
AGREEMENT WITH HOTELS | Convenzioni con hotels
THE LINE UP (Closed/chiusa)
EVENT PROGRAM | Programma del’evento

FRIDAY 25 APRIL 2014 | Venerdì 25
10.00 ______ Writing session, Open-air Market & more…
19.30 ______ Pizza Time (more info coming soon..)
21.00 ______ BIG SURPRISE with MOS by Night (more info coming soon..)

SATURDAY 26 APRIL 2014 | Sabato 26
10.00 ______ Writing session, Open-air Market & more…
19.30 ______ Happy Hour (more info coming soon..)
21.00 ______ MOS by Night – The Party! Music & Dj set with Special Guest (more info coming soon..)

SUNDAY 27 APRIL 2014 | Domenica 27
10.00 ______ Writing session, Open-air Market and friendly greetings…

Mail info: info.mositaly14@gmail.com

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organization: Marte-Poms-Prosa-Coze-Jin-Marioky-Easy-Fosk-Woit-Mate-Sound

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    […] niente nomi, la selezione sminuisce. E la Line Up è così ricca che merita un’occhiata (Clicca qui). E allora, aspettando un po’ di colore anche a Milano, faccia al […]

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