21-23 August 2015, Antwerp (Belgium)

The belgian Meeting Of Styles last year was very strong presenting Massive walls and massive burners! This years this goal will be repeated with painting of funky town-houses as additional wallspace!


antlogoaerosolkingsneu eurolinesneu esksineuzomerfabriek

Antwerp is second most populous city in Belgium and the capital of the Antwerp province with a population of 512,000. More infos coming soon!

Total availabe wallspace of the main walls plus the train-station is approx 2250squaremeters to paint. For participation and details you can reach our local organisation at info@aerosolkings.com.


Contact to the local orga!


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  2. Hueso Solido

    Soy artista de Graffiti hace 22 años de Bogota-Colombia 
    me gustaria saber o darme por enterado del prceso de iscripcion y seleccion del 21-23 AGOSTO, 2015, AMBERES (BÉLGICA)
    El gobierno esta apoyando los artistas con becas para participar en este tipo de eventos 

    Agradezco la informacion

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