Meeting Of Styles 2019 “Global Idol”

Int. Meeting Of Styles 2019 – “Global Idol”

“It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”
Anne Frank

In a world which lives in having and not in being, in which materialism is above spirituality, in which absolute freedom is a dream in far distance, which is dominated by half-truths and lies, in which the truth can be found between the lines, brothers and sisters were turned into competitors and opponents. In a world whose spirit of the age is characterized by uncertainty, increasing destruction of the environment, wars and endless conflicts, more than ever an unifying vision of a new world is needed, of a new humanity based on knowledge and enlightenment and whose essence is the dignity of mankind, his equality, brotherhood and uniqueness. This is what our attempts should be all about, the creation of a better world. The time has come for a global vision, a global idol for the world of tomorrow. The time is now.

26-28 April 2019 – Manila (Philippines)
10-12 May 2019 – Bangkok (Thailand)

13-16 June 2019 – Wiesbaden (Germany)
21-23 June 2019 – Madrid (Spain)
28-30 June 2019 – Barcelona (Spain)
19-21 July 2019 – Copenhagen (Denmark)
26-28 July 2019 – Pristina (Kosovo)
02-04 August 2019 – Lublin (Poland)
09-11 August 2019 – Antwerp (Belgium)

27-29 September 2019 – Los Angeles (USA)
04-06 October 2019 – Mexico
11-13 October 2019 – Mexico
18-20 October 2019 – Mexico
25-27 October 2019 – Lima (Peru)
02-03 November 2019 – Bogota (Colombia)
15-17 November 2019 – Rio Grande/Pelotas (Brasil)
13-15 December 2019 – Santiago De Chile (Chile)

Schedule only consists confirmed dates. Eventually more MOS will be added.

To see open call for artists and to apply please click here!
If the lonk does not work, use another internet browser.

Artworky by Gent48 and Rize AK

  1. Avatar

    how can i apply to MOS in Los Angeles, peru OR brazil?


  2. Avatar
    Fidel Cuen

    Porque ya no se realiza en san francisco ca.

  3. Avatar

    when is the event in zurich?

    1. Avatar
      Meeting of Styles

      no event scheduled for Zurich.

  4. Avatar

    Hola disculpa como puedo participar en alguna sede realizada en México

  5. Avatar
    Nicolas Velasquez

    Hola, Como puedo participar algún meeting?


  6. Avatar

    Tell me a browser that I can open this link because I tried with 2 and not able to open.

  7. Avatar

    Hola amigos como puedo inscribirme para el Mos Barcelona

  8. Avatar

    How can i submit the inscription?

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      Meeting of Styles

      check the link above to apply.

    2. Avatar
      Edmundo Orozco

      hello I am “Achez” from Mexico participated in the meeting of Styles Brazil wanted to know when is the call for the headquarters of

       Poland and copenhagen send my work book as I would love to participate and join my stay in Europe on those dates

      thank you very much greeting from Mexico

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    douglas terra

    the link is in trouble does not open to make the subscriptions.

    1. Avatar
      Meeting of Styles

      try another browser.

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    How does one apply for these events? Especially the Euro ones

    1. Avatar
      Meeting of Styles

      check the link above to apply.

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    will be the sprayer with that logo lord

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