09-11 August 2019, Antwerp (Belgium)

MOS Belgium may be considered as one of the anchor events in Europe and annually draws prensence of artists from all around the world. The place to be is established as a unique urban Art-Gallery.


Antwerp is second most populous city in Belgium and the capital of the Antwerp province with a population of 512,000.

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The city of Antwerp helped to pull MOS back in 2002 at the legendary Muntplein Hall-Of-Fame. Since the area was reconstructed years ago our local orga Aerosolkings have found this amazing spot which gives space of around 60-70 artists. Place to be is Zomerfabriek, Minkelersstraat, 2018 Antwerpen


Total availabe wallspace of the main walls plus the train-station is approx 2250squaremeters to paint.

Contact to the local orga!

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    In Spain was things that still keeps me fascinating all that graffiti.
    I was impressed with Barcelona when looking to buy house in Spain https://tranio.com/Spain
    And it made me visit this country, I got to this fest on June and think to go to Belgium.
    Must be also quite emotional.

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      I agree that’s a good fest.

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    Hallo ik heb een vraagje waar moet ik me inschrijven voor mee te kunne doen?

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    Hi guys, 
    My name is Cédric Deckers, i’m 19 years old and i have a degree in Beeldende Vorming and currently i follow Kunst In Situ3 at AP Hogeschool. I live in Antwerp city. My dream has always been to become an artist and make a living of sharing my thoughts in my preferred art-forms such as graffiti, drawing and fashion-designing. I’ve always admired the painted walls @the Zomerfabriek in Antwerp and as soon as i heard it was possible for unknown artist to sign up i started writing this message. Currently i’ve developed my graffiti work to an actual bussiness. My instagram account is @cedje.22_graffiti, there you can see some of the work i did in the past; A huge container for the Dhamar Tal festival, The jungle/media drawings were for a company that trades in TV-commercials and the “Just By Mie” calligraphy was for a nail-salon were i also sell my hoodies and t-shirts for my own fashion brand named “666”. In no way i am into any sort of satanworshipping but i believe evil is in every human as well as there is good in everyone. The choice is up to yourself, therefore my slogan is “OPEN YOUR MIND”. Every design has a deeper meaning which i explain on the instagram page: @666.openyourmind . If i’m going to be selected for the MOS 2019-event i would definitely try my hardest to pull of the sickest lettering i’ve ever done, a big multicolored 3D piece surrounded by different calligraphy-influences, in a trippy/smokey background. Make sure to check out my instagram pages and i would love to hear from you guys! Even if i don’t get selected i’m always happy to get feedback from the pro’s! I think it’s amazing that you guys organize events like this that gives artists a medium to show the world that graffiti isn’t the vandalism-cocky style of the past anymore but that it is one of the most expressive and beautiful art-forms of today.
    My email is: cedricdeckers6@gmail.com
    Hope to see you soon,
    Kind regards,

    (The application form didn’t work on my computer, tried several times tho…)


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    carlos hernández

    Hola, buenas tardes.

    Me gustaría participar, para Bélgica, pero el año entrante, qué requisitos piden?


    Carlos Hernández


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