Int. Meeting of Styles 2020 – “Visions Of Future”

Visions Of Future

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future. ― John F. Kennedy

We live in a world of despair, lack of freedom, artificial scarcity, exploitation, slavery and unscrupulous destruction of the environment, a world in which the profits of a few are above the well-being of many, in which love is a commodity and desire is a product, a world in which the arrogance of power and the fate of the powerless determine the life of mankind, a world that is increasingly governed by hatred and hostility, instead of love and cooperation. We are faced everyday with the question of whether we should continue to submit to a structure that puts the good of a few above the future of all. Destruction and persecution, oppression and discrimination, wars and borders, hatred, envy and suffering shape our everyday life. This world of alternative facts, in which truth is written between the lines and materialism dominates spirituality, in which ideals are discredited and respectable concerns distorted, this world needs renewal, truth and dreams. The time has come to overcome boundaries, old concepts and old-fashioned patterns. It is time for visions of the future.

Considering the global situation the schedule may be changed. Stay tuned and visit our website or social medias frequently.

Postponed – San José (Costa Rica)
Postponed – Khao Yai (Thailand)
Postponed – Manila (Philippines)
Postponed – Wiesbaden (Germany)
Postponed – London (United Kingdom)
Postponed – Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan)
Postponed – Barcelona (Spain)
Postponed – Madrid (Spain)
Cancelled – Copenhagen (Denmark)
Postponed – Manouba (Tunisia)
01-02 August 2020, Lublin (Poland)
07-09 August 2020 Dordrecht (Netherlands)
Cancelled – Antwerp (Belgium)
28-30 August 2020, Pristina (Kosovo)
18-20 September 2020, Chicago (USA)
25-27 September 2020, Wiesbaden (Germany)
25-30 September 2020, Medellin (Colombia)
Cancelled – Acapulco (Mexico)
10-11 October 2020, Mexico DF (Mexico)
17-18 October 2020, Neza (Mexico)
24-25 October 2020, Lima (Peru)
Cancelled – Cusco (Peru)
13-15 November 2020, Quito (Ecuador)
04- 06 December 2020, Palmeira (Brasil)
11 – 13 December 2020, Rio Grande (Brasil)


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