Meeting of Styles Kosovo – Prishtina

Meeting of Styles visits Prishtina in Kosovo this August!

Our invasion is fizzling every bit of your spray cans, while the city is holding its breath because Meeting of Styles Kosovo has forever been unbelievable. VISION OF FUTURE will take you on a surrealistic ultra-planetary experience, where international artists will spring life to Prishtina.

Meeting of Styles Kosovo in the past edition has amazed every citizen, artist, rapper, and project-manager with the inclusivity of 188 artists and the audacity of turning Prishtina into a 3,000 meters square graffiti canvas. Graffiti in Kosovo started with plain in colour but rich in meaning statements as “FREEDOM” and “PEACE”. Art, including graffiti, has given hope and vision for Kosovars since tumultuous war times. Today, aspirations have changed as they have become a call for a more bizarre, outrageous, exciting, and visionary future.

In our fourth edition, we will spiritually and artistically time-travel in the future and bring to Prishtina the most unbelievable graffiti artwork, while reincarnating precious walls of the capital city centre. Meeting of Styles Kosovo is expected to welcome 300 artists, tens of hip-hop musicians, and become the home of young artists who have an immense passion for urban art.

This edition’s location will be the grand roundabout of Lakrishte, at the entrance of Prishtina. This roundabout welcomes citizens from all parts of Kosovo, thus the art of MOS Kosovo 2020 will be the first welcome for all citizens and tourists coming from the airport. Our VISION OF FUTURE will witness an extraordinary touch of international artists that will follow and inspire daily lives of Kosovars while visiting this graffiti park, getting inspired for artistic events, going to work, heading to the airport, or even sending their children to school.

Join our journey of creation, visionary resemblance of art, and the coolest days in Kosovo. Meet the styles of graffiti, the hospitality of Kosovo, the cheap yet amazing food, the eloquent English-speaking youngsters, the friendly policemen, the empty abandoned houses, and the friendliest team!

Meet us at Meeting of Styles Kosovo 2020 – V I S I O N O Ⅎ F U T U R E !

Meeting of Styles Kosovo 4th Edition

28-30 August 2020

Prishtinë, Kosovo

Organized annually by Q’art Organization

Event starts August 28 2020
Event ends: August 30 2020

Artist call starts: March 11 2020
Artist call closes: June 15 2020

Location: Rrethrrotullimi Lakrishtë, Prishtinë | Prishtina | Kosovo

Event Details


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