The Mind Behind

Since the foundation of Int. Meeting Of Styles back in 1997 more than 400 events have been realised worldwide attracting hundreds of thousands spectators and sponsoring thousands of artists throughout the world. MOS brings people together, creates publicity, supports the netting and enables intercultural cross-boarder-cooperation. It is an example how a better world of tomorrow may be possible.

It all started back in 1997 in the city of Wiesbaden, Germany with the availability of a huge abandonned area known as the Schlachthof Wiesbaden. Back in the days the legendary „Int. Wall Street Meeting” welcomed more than 25.000 visitors from all over Germany, Europe and the rest of the world to attend and to enjoy art in the process of creation. Because of its authentical style and its message the Meeting is mentioned as the best Graffiti-Event ever happened. Its worldwide reputation and the enourmous feedback inspired us in 2002 to spread its message all over the world which led to the founding of the “Int. Meeting Of Styles”.

How can I participate at MOS?

Depending on the venue and the local possibilities we try to present all disciplines of Hip-Hop, eventhough we concentrate our resources on Graf. If you are a Graffiti-Artist, Rapper, DJ or Breakdancer you may apply here!

What´s the MOS about?

The “International Meeting of Styles” (MOS) is an international network of graffiti artists and aficionados that began in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1997. Brought together and inspired by their passion for graffiti, MOS aims to create a forum for the international art community to communicate, assemble and exchange ideas, works and skills, but also to support intercultural exchange. In the spirit of cooperation and promotion, MOS has launched hundreds events in many countries across Europe, Russia, Asia and the Americas. These events have sponsored thousands of Graffiti-Artists from all over the world and throughout the years have attracted hundreds of thousands spectators, providing a focal point for urban street culture and graffiti art. The “Meeting Of Styles” as its name says, is a meeting of styles, created to support the netting of the international art-community. It is not meant to be a forum only for classical and traditonal Graffiti-Artists and -Writers, but a podium to present all different types of urban art! This is why we are open for all types and styles.


How did all this start?

Early nineties the slaughter-place of the city of Wiesbaden was not in use anymore. Very soon it got discovered and established as a Graffiti-Hall-Of-Fame where artists could paint almost legal during day-time on thousands of squaremeters surface. Mid nineties plans of the city-council got public to tear down the area, instead of recultivating the buildings. To resist the plans of destruction the “Int. Wall Street Meeting” was created in order to present the area as a melting-point of urban street-culture. Annually Graffiti-Artists from all over the world gathered in the spirit of colaboration and exchange, so during a weekend in summer the entire area got a new outlook, created by hundreds of artists. In the years from 1997-2001 more than 25.000 visitors from all over the world attended the events to join pure flavour of urban street-culture. Eventhough the event managed to delay the demolition for years, it was not possible to preserve the area.


How did it go on?

So in late 2001 the city of Wiesbaden started to destroy a worldwide known monument of Graffiti- and Mural-Art. Since then the area changed into a park with parking. To keep the spirit of the “Int. Wall Street Meeting” alive and to spread its message across Europe and the world, the “Int. Meeting Of Styles” was created in 2002. Since then, through the help of dedicated Graffiti-Artists and -lovers, the MOS has grown among many countries worldwide.


How can I sponsor MOS?

Beside of the dedication and love necessary to organise the MOS, we are also depending on public funds and sponsors which is not easy to gain. As we are non-profit organised we need to cover all costs by the help of sponsors and public fundings. Therefore we are thankful to receive any links or contacts to companies and institutions who might be interested in supporting us. We offer different types of sponsorships according to specific needs and interests.


A word about us

The “Int. Meeting Of Styles”-Organisation is a non-profit-organisation formed by dedicated and passionate Artists and Art-Lovers who put a lot of work and engagement into the MOS. We as an organisation feel responsibility to work for unification and to resist a system that takes away freedom for order, control and profit. Politics affect us each and every day, locally and globally. Your consumption has a direct impact to the destruction and exploitation of our environment and the manipulation and enslavement of humanity. MOS is our contribution to raise consciousness. The key to freedom is knowledge and education.


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